How Opesa Has Supported Clients Before And During COVID 19

As Kenya’s best lending app, Opesa has been on the forefront to help Kenyans of different livelihoods achieve their different goals and objectives by offering them soft and timely loans when they need it. We did not hold back offering our financial services to our clients even during the toughest times. We even supported our customers by giving them coupons and discounts to enrich the whole experience altogether. In addition to this we have been on the forefront to support our customers whenever they have called on us. With our Customer service teams, we have been receiving calls and offering solutions to our customers nationwide.

By constantly keeping an active social media presence we have ensured that communication flows both ways and that our clients are kept up to date concerning any offerings we have introduced. We have consistently reached out to our through our different social media pages in order to help our clients communicate to us. These social media platforms include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

As an organization we have also ensured that we offer employment opportunities to hundreds of Kenyans in the Metropolitan region that we serve who have earned and continue to generate income by serving you our beloved customer. We have also gradually increased our loan limits and we have availed a wide range of loan options that our customers can get and use to help themselves financially.

As an organization we have ensured the COVID19 pandemic is suppressed by observing all health protocols and ensuring we minimize physical interactions. Apart from this we have been issuing masks and sanitizers in order to support our Country men in fighting against the Pandemic.

This year we plan to do even more. We have plans to go support you our clients by creating sensitization campaigns against COVID19, issuing any support needed in the fight against Covid and by also going the extra mile in impacting lives through various CSR activities.

We have plans to go and play a part in offering help to the residents from Mukuru kwa Njenga who are currently homeless and living in camps after demolitions rocked their habitats. Many are lacking basic needs such as food shelter and clothing. We are hence calling you to partner with us as we seek to better their lives in any way possible. Our mantra has always been #Opesacares and this year we take it an extra mile. We call on you to join us as we bring change in our country one person at a time. We challenge you to also be part of the change by impacting any life near you.